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How to set the rise height of the cutting machine

How to set the rise height of the cutting machine?

1. The value of the ascent height is set to rise with the height of the high die working area as the base point. Even if the ascent height is set to “0”, the platen lift height is also at the slow die point of the high die work area. At this time, the rising height of the low die working area is invalid, so when the height adjustment is set on the human-cutting machine interface parameters, the AB height setting is actually the same parameter.

2. The purpose of the above design is to prevent the platen from hitting the die due to the rise of the platen being too low when entering the work zone.

3. Note: When working with only a single workspace, there is a height setting when the height of the low pressure plate cannot be adjusted. It is necessary to set the non-operating side set height to be lower than the working side in order to adjust the height of the low-pressure board.

4. Because the rising height sets the input range from “0 to 60”, it may appear that the value above 30 is the platen

Up to the highest position, because the cutting machine rises depends on the time to control the rise height, when the pressure plate rises to the maximum stroke of the upper limit switch time is less than the set value of the rise height time.

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