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How to select supplier for the cutting press from China?
 We never know the quality until we use the machine. This is a little sad but it's the truth.However, we should listen to our clients.

 As the biggest manufacturer(4 workshops, 100 stuffs, 20000 square maters, 10 production lines),we serve about 50 customers in one day from China, and other countries. They told their industries, their suppliers, their problems, their factories. Some of them bought from Taiwan, from Guangdong, and from Yancheng city.

 But how to select supplierfor the cutting press? If you can inspect the machine at site,

1)please note the cylinder if the milling tech smooth.Cylinder is the key point of one hydraulic cutting press.

2)please care about the machine weight.More weight more steady, more strong body.

3)please confirm the hydraulic power structure if is the one you want: Auto-balance or not?

4)please notice the working area if plane.

5)please try a cutting.

6)please look around the factory, it's a possibility that one factory disappear in one month.

7)please note the price, if too low or too high just go away.

8)please note the machine lifelong, Honggang machine can work about 10-15 years.