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How to operate the cutting machine safely?

How to operate the cutting machine safely?

1. Since the cutting machine is placed in a dry and ventilated factory or room, the ground needs to be firm and flat, and the machine table should be in a relatively horizontal state to keep the machine free from rocking.

2. There should be enough space around the machine. Non-machine operators must not approach or rely on the machine.

3, The machine must be connected to the voltage specified in the manual, and ensure that the positive and negative voltage value does not exceed 10% of the rated value. The power supply must have a reliable power switch at the upper end (It is recommended that the machine be grounded with an air switch.

4. Do not remove the hazard sign on the electric box. Do not open the electric box under power-on condition to prevent danger.

5. The cutting machine should be kept clean, clean and free of debris. The material and the tool mold stand should be neatly arranged, and the channel must not be blocked.

6. On the workbench of the machine, objects other than the material and die must not be placed, and materials and die cutters that are not used temporarily shall not be placed on the workbench.

7. Normally use the machine before warming up the machine for 5 to 10 minutes before it can be put into use normally. Lubricate the lubrication area.

8, The operator must be trained and pass the examination before being allowed to operate. Other personnel must not operate the machine.

9. Do not arbitrarily withdraw the machine guards and warning signs to check whether the work of the safe electric eye is normal; if problems are promptly replaced or repaired.

10. Regularly check the electrical circuit, whether the accessories are in good condition, whether the green color is good, and find a solution to the problem in time.

11. The emergency stop button should be tested every day for its reliability. The damage should be repaired immediately and the machine must not be used before repair.

12. It is necessary to re-set the tool die for replacement of unequal heights. The pressure adjustment should be gradually increased from small to large. Set according to the tool setting procedure.

13. The operator and maintenance personnel shall not arbitrarily adjust the pressure set by the original pressure valve of the machine, otherwise it will damage the machine due to too much pressure.

14. No part of the human body should be cut into the cut-off domain during normal cutting. People should stand in the safe area to prevent accidents.

15. When repairing and maintaining the machine, it is necessary to place corresponding pieces of wood or iron between the upper and lower tables to prevent the table from falling.

16. The operator should turn off the switch when he leaves the machine and cut off the power supply. The conditional should be equipped with a key switch to prevent misoperation by others.

17. Fully automatic machines should be set up on the man-machine interface to manage and use them step by step.