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How to judge the quality of the cutting machine?

How to judge the quality of the cutting machine?

1. Hydraulic cutting machine is of course the most important is the hydraulic system determines the quality, no matter how good the appearance of the oil circuit design is an unreasonable machine is a decoration, after more than 20 years of experience in the test and customer feedback Its own unique oil circuit design program, which makes the pressure on our machine is very stable, which is the important magic weapon that Hong Steel can lead in the industry.

2. The electrical part is also another important part of the machine. Only the part machine with a reasonably designed and long service life of the electrical part will be able to run safely and securely without any minor machine faults.

3. The precision of the core components, many factories do not have precision machining equipment or even do not have their own machining equipment, so the components can be imagined. Without a high-precision component, the machine will have different degrees of damage when it is moved, so the machine life will be very short.
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