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How to judge the quality of hydraulic oil?

How to judge the quality of hydraulic oil?

For the cutting machine products, the rolling oil is the basis of its work. The quality of the rolling oil not only affects the normal working of the hydraulic cylinder, but also causes severe damage to the components of the rolling system and directly determines the machine's use. life. From this point of view, how to identify the quality of the rolling oil is critical. The following is the relevant knowledge for you, not necessarily comprehensive but very practical, I believe it will help you!

We recommend the use of rolling oil sold by regular retailers in Dachang, numbered 46#.
First, the identification of hydraulic oil moisture content:

1, visual inspection method: that is, if the use of pressure oil tank during the process, the oil was milky white, it means that the oil contains a lot of water.
2. Burning method: Dip a little of the oil to be tested with clean, dry cotton or tissue paper, and then light it with fire. If you find that the squeaking sound or flashing phenomenon of helium, then the oil contains more water.

Second, the identification of hydraulic oil viscosity:
1. Use your fingers to touch the hydraulic oil with two fingers to twist each other. There should be obvious resistance and you can slide freely back and forth.
2, insert a small wooden stick into the oil, the oil into a linear downward when lifting.

Then the identification of the impurity content in the hydraulic oil:
1, sensory identification: hydraulic cylinders used in the oil there is a clear metal particles suspended, with the fingers directly pinch when the presence of fine particles.
 2, heating identification: for the lower viscosity of the hydraulic oil can be directly placed in a clean, dry test tube heating temperature. If there is a precipitation or suspension in the fluid in the test tube, the fluid contains mechanical impurities.

There is also an intuitive way to observe directly with the naked eye, generally clearer hydraulic fluid can directly see the foreign material in the depth of 50cm to 1000cm.