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How to Select Cutting Press for Cleaning Sponge?with price)
[This article and opinions only suit to Honggang cutting machines, as different factories own different machine quality and price. ]

 After talking with customers and visiting the factories, we found that it's not easy to select the suitable  the cutting press for cleaning sponge, as the cleaning sponges products are different in sizes, in shapes, in pasted one-side or both-side scouring-pad, also the raw materials are different in area to 1x2mt, 2x2mt...

However,  actually, the sizes of the sponge products are similar with each other.
28-cleaning sponge cutting sample 28-cleaning sponge cutting sample
28-HG cleaning sponge cutting sample 28-HG cleaning sponge cutting sample
28-cleaning sponge cutting sample 28-cleaning sponge cutting sample
So the working pressure along with how many pcs to cut at one time, can reach an experienced conlusion. So we clear up the information as belowing of 4 key points to choose the machine model:  machine working size,  machine working pressure,  cutting dies, auto-grade, which will cause great difference in production capacity, price, machine using life, then in long term incomes, sales, market  share.

1. Working size, according to your sponge sheet size...
1600x610mm (standard)
1220x610mm (standard)
1600x810mm (standard)
Customized sizes: 1300x1000, 1600x810mm, 1600x1000mm...

2.Cutting die using: 
For 40mm+ sponge thickness, by welding knife cutting die.  
For 20-30mm spomge thickness, by laser knife cutting die.

3. Automatic grade 
A. Manual type: any working pressure.  
HG-B50T manual sponge cutting machineHG-B50T 
B. Semi-auto:  from 50 tons.
HG-B100T sponge cutting press machineHG-B100T
C. Full-auto: from 100 tons. from putting the sponge sheet to collecting, convyor by belt. no video yet, please tell us your demands details you need such one.

4.Cutting pressure using:
Calculation way: 10 tons die cut 3-5 meters of cutting knife blade perimeter for sponge with scouring pad. 
30 tons can die cut 10-20 pcs at one time.    *price USD 4800-4900. FOB Guangzhou, in standard size
40 tons can die cut 20-30 pcs....................   price USD 6100-6200.
50 tons can die cut 30-40 pcs..................... price USD 7660.
*60 tons can die cut 40-60 pcs..................
80 tons can die cut 60-100 pcs..................
100 tons can die cut  100-150 pcs...............
* All price above are for manual type with standard area, FOB Guangzhou.
*from 60+ tons machine structure different to 50T, 40T, 30T... For long term working, and considering machine damage, 60 tons is most suggestion.

So, if you want to purchase our cutting machine for your sponge cutting, please select the options you want. Also, you can tell us what 's your demands:

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sponge cutting die cutting machine60T