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How many multi-layer materials suitable for computer automatic cutting machine cutting?

How many multi-layer materials suitable for computer automatic cutting machine cutting?

In recent years, the market share of computer-based automatic cutting machines has gradually increased, and many users do not have high awareness of fully automatic cutting machines.

Today, we will use a fully automatic cutting machine to do a single job to understand how many layers of material are suitable for cutting. Computer automatic cutting machine for large volumes of materials, the same specifications of the same product, multi-layer cutting efficiency is indeed very high, but everything has a degree; cutting must be efficient but also to ensure quality. We have seen that users have 30 layers of non-woven fabrics cut at the same time. Of course, it does not matter if the requirements are not high, but if the demand is high, we will not recommend it.

Under normal circumstances, how many layers of material or thick materials are suitable for computer automatic cutting machines? We give the basic principles:
1. The requirement is high and the material is smooth (the friction between the material and the material is very small) The volume of the ytterbium is very small, it can not exceed 5 layers; the thickness does not exceed 1cm; we all know that when the product requires high and the amount of ytterbium is small Cutting machine requirements are very demanding, because the feed must be servo drive precision is high, but if each layer of material is very smooth and small amount of material, when the rectification device to pull the material is aligned with the die after the material will have slight Sliding back and forth (the machine will also have a slight vibration when cutting this will require us to achieve a very high precision of the machine to achieve. A slight error will cause the product to be scrapped, so we have recommended a high level of cutting the number of layers The less, the better.

2, less demanding material The material is relatively not too smooth and the amount of helium is very large, in principle, as long as the cutting edge can not exceed the height of cutting, but we recommend not to exceed the die blade edge height of 70%; if the material is not smooth and The volume is large and can be directly cut without rectification. We recommend that the thickness below the tenth floor be less than two centimeters. It is not impossible to cut thicker, but the value is the most suitable for cutting; we all know that the knife The mold can be made very high, and the cutting material can also be cut with a thick one, but after repeated experiments and a large number of actual case studies by our engineers, it is the most reasonable that ten layers below the thickness of two centimeters are the most reasonable when the material is thicker It will be slower and less easy to raise material, which will, of course, affect the speed of cutting. It will not be conducive to improving efficiency.
The above two points cover 80 percent of the users, and 20 percent belong to the more difficult cutting process. We can only see that the material is making up a cutting plan.