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How To Select Honggang Foam Cutting Machine

Over the 18 years, focused on cutting,  we have rich experience in foam cutting machines.

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First of all, there are many foam products, Foam inserts, Case inserts, Eva Inserts, EPE foam, PE foam, PU foam, Medical packing foam, Polypropylene Foam, Cross Linked PE Foam etc. For Die Cutting, as usual simply, we regard them as
A. thin foam in rolls,  around 1mm to 15mm;  thick foam in long long sheets can be continous feeding.
B.thick foam in sheets, above 15mm and above
C. in sheets, there are smooth EPE foam, or non-EPE foam.
By the way, the density only cares a little for if it requires more pressure of the different foam cutting machines.
manual type cutting foam machine. (Multilayer foam rolls, foam sheets)
 full belt feeding to convey the materials only 1mm, (Thin foam rolls,1-2mm)
 double belt-clip feeding for 1mm+ rolls. (foam rolls, thickness 1mm to 15mm)
Roller feeding for more and more thicker rolls 
semi-double tables feeding and cutting foam machine 
Section auto feeding and cutting machine
Auto foam stakcing feeding cutting machine
Auto EPE foam removing machine

1. For thin foam rolls die cutting, or thick rolls to feed to cut, , there are manual cutting and automatic foam cutting machines.

Have to say, 1) manual type foam cutting machine does not mean that it’s slow. Manual type cutting machine, as feeding by hand, it can die cut many layers which the auto type feeding way can’t handle with. Manual type also can handle the sheets and the rolls, as there is no limit in feeding length, a long feeding table can solve all problems.
Such as this one: 
manual type cutting foam machine.

For automatic type 
foam cutting machine to cut rolls, it also needs to know it’s 1mm, 2mm, or thicker.

It can have the 2) full belt feeding to convey the materials only 1mm, with oposition limit function.

double belt-clip feeding for 1mm+ rolls.

Roller feeding for more and more thicker rolls:

2. For thick sheets cutting, we have developed the manual type or semi-auto or full type 
foam cutting machine.

Manual type foam Cutting machine is no doubt suitable for any thick or thin materials when it’s handled feeding by intelligent man, who can think, can change and can solve problems, not like machines, which functions are set to simple movements.
 manual type foam sheet die cutting press machine

Semi-auto type 
foam cutting machine, it's easy to handle large and thickn foam sheets.

6)semi-double tables feeding and cutting foam machine

If the foam sheets, is soft, no so long as big rolls, only 2 meters long, this section continues feeding and auto cutting press will be suitable. We can’t make each foam cutting machine size same as the sheet size right? Bigger machine and bigger die, more expensive, and more importantly, the cutting products actually not that big either:7)Section auto feeding and cutting machine

Well, it comes to EPE foam, which is widely cut by die cutting machine for foam packages. It’s different to other foam materials, it’s hard and with smooth surface, light weight, which allow it can be stacking to feed automatic for a plies of sheets, no need to feed the sheet one by one. This kind of job will allow the workers to have time to dispatch the cutting pieces after cutting:8
)Auto foam stakcing feeding cutting machine

However, it still takes much time when to remove the small cutting pieces out from a sheet, such as foam egg tray, fruit foam tray with holes. No worries, against such requirement, we develop one kind of Auto Removing Machine for such kind EPE foam packages products:9)
Auto EPE foam removing machine

As you see, there are so many different matarials, and there are so many different foam cutting machines according for one kind of foam materials.

It’s important to communicate for the production details then come to the Honggang foam cutting machine details. It will take a little bit long time, but be patient, you will get the machine suitable for you!

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