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Honggang Automatic CNC Leather Punching Machine

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Honggang Automatic CNC Leather Punching Machine


Honggang Automatic CNC Leather Punching Machine

1. application


Auto parts (air cushion), bags, shoes, handbags, stationery, breathable material, advertising paper products and other industries.


Punching for Cow skin, artificial leather, PU, EVA, PVC, plastic, all kinds of cloth, paper, leather accessories, curtain, automobile leather chair, etc.


punching Machine.jpg

2. Technical parameters

Model HG-H7050-8 HG-S7050-8 HG-S7050-10
Pressure 5-8kgf / cm2
Power 1.8kw
Punching number 2 groups*4 2 groups*4 2 groups*5
Punching area 500mm*700mm*2
Thickness of the leather 0.6-8mm
Punching range 0.6-14mm
Punching speed

600-980 holes/

minutes*2 groups

500-700 holes/

minutes*2 groups

500-700 holes/

minutes*2 groups

Weight 1000kg 1100kg 1100kg
Diemension 1750mm*1850mm*1560mm

3. Feature:

1.CNC punching machine and leather machine adopts whole steel structure, to deal with the stress, precision machining, good stability, high rigidity; Flexible transmission mechanism adopts imported ball screw, nut precision. CNC leather punching machine adopts flexible control tool, cutting tool can be set rotation according to need or not rotating, independent development of processing software tool Angie of arbitrary switching; All kinds of cutting tools, can be combined on the leather work out a rich variety of patterns.

2.Computer typesetting automatic punching, processing after the completion of automatic back in situ, high efficiency, safe and reliable.

3.Pieces with different sizes of different punch, materials can be used in the small design of complex, solved the difficult problem of small design mold.

4.Pieces can be in a small area of any parts for punching, operation is flexible and convenient.

5.A pair of mold to blunt variety, and can through the computer simulation imitation.

6.Shock wave and punch radius: 0.5 -9 mm.

7.Shock wave stiletto is of good quality, low noise, no damage of material, not burning, not black. Impact power adopts motor as a driving force, after the processing of leather surface level off, compared with laser machine punching machine, no burning, black phenomenon.

8.Pieces of pattern design and changed by software and punch, without changing the mechanical mould, convenient and quick operation.

4. Product detail:

leather punching Machine.jpg


punching Machine.jpg


punching Machine2.jpg


leather punching Machine1.jpg




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