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High Speed Die-Cut Machine
1) Various electronics, electrical appliances, special rubber pads for mobile phones, silicone stickers, Velcro, conductive adhesive, strong double-sided tape, backlight screens, membrane switches and other electronic and IT industries.
 2) Dust-proof materials such as cosmetic cotton, camera cotton, high-density sponge, filter cotton, dust-proof net, non-woven fabric, etc.
 3) Pull-back rubber pads, rubber, transparent foot pads, PORON pads, 3M, flame-retardant EVA, high foam and other shock-proof materials.
 4) Insulation and EMI materials such as fireproof fast paper, aluminum foil, copper foil, PVC, PET, kraft paper, sponge sheath, pearl cotton sheath.
 5) Silicone sheets, transparent mica sheets, fiber cloth, insulation cotton (cloth) and other heat-resistant insulation materials.