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HG-E Embossing Machine

HG-B Large size Hydraulic Embossing Machine for Fabric/leather/PU foam

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HG-B Large size Hydraulic Embossing Machine for Fabric/leather/PU foam


Large size Hydraulic Embossing Machine for Fabric/leather/PU foam,

HG-B series with 4 column and feeding table, can be made to large size from small pressure such 30 tons to 500 tons, is widely used in car interiors working.

The working area
:  can be 1400x1100mm, 1220x610mm, 1400x810mm, 1400x1200mm...

For Materials : Leather, Insulation Cotton, Fabric

What to do: Heating, sealing, embossing, cutting.

How to do: By sheets feeding. (Compare to Rolls feeding)
Auto double side feeding car interiors sealing and cutting machine for cotton insulate materials used for fabric and leather embossing, and also for soundproof product cutting and sealing. It is full automatic feeding and embossing, big working area, double side working at the same time to enhance efficiency.

Heating control board: It can control the heating temperature by different strict.

Multi-language support: Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguse, France, etc. 

Feeding table: One side table or two sides table for optional.


1. Controlled by PLC(Programmable Logic Controller), with touching screen, to adjust working pressure, stroke, feeding speed easier, faster and more precise.

2.Full automatic feeding material to emboss/cut, high efficiency.

3. The auto-balance structure of double-cylinder,four-column, and sett-balance connecting rod, makes sure equal pressure in any working area.

4. Double automatic working tables, increase the output twice or triple.

Embossing samples:

Working sides

Detail Parameter
Product name Auto double side feeding car interiors sealing and cutting machine
Dimension 3500*2000*1550mm
Warranty 1 Year
Heatable temperature 250℃
Type embossing, sealing and cutting machine
Application Leather,soundproof product,Fabric


About Mold:

1. Is it difficult to install or change pattern plates?

-> no difficult, it is easy to install and change.


2. Are they heavy? Can one person change a plate, or is it too heavy? 

-> Plate is a big size if one worker will be have little difficulty if two workers are so easy.


3. Do the pattern plates have electric wires to connect with the machine? May be screwed? If yes, will you give us instructions on how to connect it?

-> plate does not have wire to connect, the electric wire should be connected to our machine heating plate, not embossing plate.


4.some lines in our patterns are very thin (some lines are 1 mm), will they not be broken under such great pressure?

->alluminium alloy it is hard, hard than other material. maybe different for you said, don't worry, normal plate all use this material.


About machine:

1. How many meters of our fabrics do you need to make tests?
->maybe 2 meters.


2.Do they have a cooling system? 

->Full Automatic heating sealing and cutting machine for cotton insulate materials no need cooling system, Normal does not need, between the heating plate and the machine  equipment has the high-temperature heat insulation plate 


3.For shipment of the machine: Will it be one independent 20 HQ container?

-> Yes, 20HQ container



4.Cutting area: is it the same as the working embossing area?  Does it mean that the max embossing area is 1000*1200 mm? And the pattern plate will be 1000*1200 mm?

-> Yes, cutting area same embossing area, max embossing size 1000*1200mm, pattern plate can't bigger than 1000*1200mm, we suggest small than this size.