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HG-AB manual type cutting press operation Memo
Hydraulic Manual type cutting machines(from 30 tons to 500 tons, please click the link to the introduction page if any interest. ) with the manual feeding wood board to feed the materials. This kind of cutting press machine is suitable for any kind of non-metalic materials die cutting manually. And it's popular as standard models and widely used in die cutting sponge, foam, fabric, plastic, automobile trimmings, leather, medical disaposible, spa disaposible, gaskets etc. It's suitable for both sheets and rolls, thick and thin materials.

About its operation,  the hydraulic manual cutting machine is an simple machine, and installation and start operation very easy, always without Honggang engineers at site. 

As usual, we will send the machine with the manual book, and send the operation video by email. And if you still have any problems of the operation, please add my wechat/whatsapp (+8615918086545) to take pictures or videos, and we will advise the installation and opeartion process step and step.

Below is samll tips of installation and operation for the hydraulic manual cutting machines. More details please see the manual book.

1. Machine in flat level.
2. To put the 4 rubber mats( sent with the machine) under the feet for shockproof.
3. Install the feeding rollers and holders.
4. To put the large feeding table into the cutting area, as well the PP board, which is available to fix it on top or at the bottom.
5. To put the top cover (one side black) to the top of the machine.
6. Remove the oil tank cover. (in both sides of the machine)
7. Find the oil filter.
8. Pour the oil higher than the filter over 30mm. 
9. Connect the wire, before connecting the wire, please check the voltage if correct.

1. Start the motor. check the motor direction if it's right.
2. Set the cutting die. Before setting the cutting die, remove materials, just keep PP board and die on the table.
(Neccesary for each new die) The process of the die setting:
Loose the handle- let the handle down to the lowest position- tighten the handle again- turn the setting switch to left side-finish the setting. (If not correct setting, repeat above and try more times)
3. Try cutting from small pressure.

Please check belowing video for how to set the cutting die and the operation:

Anyway, please feel free to contact us if any questions when operation, to send picture or videos by email, what'sapp, wechat (as below), we will reply you in time.

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