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HG Leather Cutting & Embossing machine
Here to show you some new videos from our customers factories of working site. 
Specially showing the factories of cutting leather or fabric for leather bags, leather shoes, travel cases, men bags, suitcases. Then you can choose the suitable models according to their usages. 

Cutting workshop 1:
Below video is 40 tons with 1600x810mm, what is the special point is the back side of the feeding table. 
As request, we installed a long rolling table by steel and wood, for them easy to put large and soft multi-layer materials. For another usage, it can do materials arrangement, then push it into the cutting area cutting from the feeding side.

Cutting workshop 2:
This videos is showing for the same, there are several sets of same cutting machine of new and old. And they are using red PP board, steel rules for cutting artificial leather multilayer by one time. The factory is also making bags. And they started buying our machine since 2016, then each year adding new machines. Have to say that only quality machines can get repeat orders.

This is an old video from our customers factories years ago. Just it's a good video showing the embossing workshops using the leather embossing machines many sets together  customized embossing jobs for those leather bags factories. Most popular model HG-E120T, with suitable 600x500mm working area. High and steady quality. it can work for you without stops for years. 

For shoes upper embossing, punshing holes and embossing together, special designed and made shoes moulds, has long history for the shoes industry. With the manual drawer to push and pull in the working table, with small pressure and top and bottom heater, it can easily operate and finish the embossing jobs. As usual 40 tons and 80 tons is enough for shoes upper embossed.

Additional, we can offer shoes/bags embossing patterns designs, moulds, plates as request. Welcome to contact us for more. What'sapp: +8615918086545; email: