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Fully Automatic Belt Feeding Clicker Press Cutting Machine

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Fully Automatic Belt Feeding Clicker Press Cutting Machine


fully automatic full belt feeding clicker Press Cutting Machine

This is a recently manufactured clicker press cutting machine, we made a bold attempt to cut the slim material, the EPE foam material is only 0.5 mm in thickness, and the test is very successful.It used for die cut plastic film, leather, foam packaging, fabric etc.

Rely on our excellent technology and quality, in our country, and only our
press cutting machine can be perfect cut this thin material.

1.Automatic roller-in-feeding press cutting machine, movable clamp out-feeding, allows all cutting process without any labor.

2.Roller press cutting machine device with auto rolling function to roll materials easily; rollers easy to change.

3.Controlled by PLC(Programmable Logic Controller), with touching screen, to adjust working pressure, stroke, feeding speed easier, faster and more precise.

4.Auto-balance structure of double-cylinder, four-column and selfbalance connecting rod, makes sure equal pressure in any working area.

Press cutting machine parameters:
Cutting force: 60 to 200 tons
Dimensiong: 2100*2200*1700mm
Cutting area: 810*1400mm
Stroke: 50-230mm

Press cutting machine picture:

press cutting machine

press cutting machine
fully automatic full belt feeding clicker cutting press machine
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fully automatic belt feeding clicker press cutting machine.