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Four pillar precision hydraulic cutting machine
 Four pillar precision hydraulic cutting machine is hydraulic die cutting machine, used for most non-metal and half rigid materials such as leather, fabric, blister, cloth, plywood,rubber and so on.

  As the most basic, strong, versatile, low cost machine, the die cutting machinery is suitable for a widest range of industries of footweare, bags, and other leather goods, plastic packaging, foam packing, facial mask, automotive interior, silk flower, puzzle,soundproofing cotton...In addition, when add heating plate, it can do creasing, and edge sealing to the materials.

 The four collumn hyraulic cutting machine can offer large cutting table which other type cutting machine can not offer. It can be used for large, long sheet materials and rolled materials as well. What's more, multi-layer, multi-roller is fine too.

 Four pillar hydraulic cutting machine is with structure of double-cylinder to offer cutting pressure, and four-pillar auto-balance connecting rod to keep the precision and steady when working.

 The two key points for four pillar precision hydraulic cutting machine are the cutting force and cutting area.
Honggang cutting machine's cutting forces are from 25 tons to 200 tons, while area is always as request or depending on the industries features.

 Below is the sliding table feeding four pillar hydraulic cutting machine. For other more automatic tpye, just clike "
automatic hydraulic cutting machine" to reach.

beam cutting machine

Cutting Force



  Area of Work Table   Main Motor Power   Stroke Control Range  Net Weight
 HG-a30T/63"  30 T  2330*1320*1260mm  610*1600mm  2.2kw  50-160mm  1900kg
 HG-B30T/63"  30 T  2330*1320*1260mm  610*1600mm   2.2kw  50-240mm  2000kg
 HG-B30T/48"  30 T  1950*1320*1260mm  610*1220mm   2.2kw  50-240mm  1900kg
 HG-a40T/63"  40 T  2330*1320*1260mm  610*1600mm   4kw  50-160mm  2500kg
 HG-B40T/48"  40 T  1950*1320*1260mm  610*1220mm   4kw  50-240mm  2400kg
 HG-a50T/63"  50 T  2330*1320*1260mm  610*1600mm   4kw  50-160mm  2900kg
 HG-B50T/48"  50 T  1950*1320*1260mm  610*1220mm   4kw  50-240mm