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Automatic cutting

Foam sheets auto feeding and cutting

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Foam sheets auto feeding and cutting


Fully automatic cutting machine with depatching tools: Feeding, Cutting, Depatching.

This kind of hydraulic foam die cutting machine is mainly developed for foam/EVA/Sponge cutting which cutting into many small regular pieces, such as for foam egg tray,  cleaning sponge, kinds of packing foam.

The foam  die cutting machine is used for cutting regular foam sheets automaticly. After workers putting foam sheets on the feeding table, it will run the foam to the cutting part edge and feed into the cutting area. After cutting, the sheet will be push into the depatching area to depatch by tools automaticly.

So it will help to save times and raise the production effective, no need to put the materials or foam sheet everytime and also no need to pick up the cutting pieces from the sheet.

This kind of machine pressure can be from 60 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons, to 300 tons, area can be customized as request.

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