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Embossing plates 1500x1600mm Packing & Shipment to Bangladesh
 Large size of 1500x1600mm embossing plates pack and ready to ship today.

After focusing on the embossing machine and embossing plates over 30 years, we make size of 1370x1000mm, 1370x660mm, 600x500mm, 750x600mm, as well small 280x280mm, 300x300mm, or customized size of plates. Any industrial leather embossing heating pressing mould to create hair cell, animal crocodile skin, python bell or head skin patterns, as well litchi kind of any ther patterns, we have our own design for your choice. Even we have large patterns stock for matching patterns even you only have the pictures. For more, we can help to design and create new patterns in situation of no same patterns in stock or required to make a market new. To make a sample, then to test, and then have the prodution.

For more reference, we also make the embossing machine. Different to the old traditional large plating machine with single cylinder on top, our heating embosss plating machine of hydraulic, with 2 cylinders in both sides inside of 4 columns, as precision kind of hydraulic embossing press, with great smooth embossing level for each corner of whole working area, thanks to our over 20 years of quality cutting machine production experience.

We can make the embossing machine with 300 tons, 500 tons with size 1400x1100mm for plate size 1370x1000mm as max or bigger as customized with structure of 6 columns 4 cylinder, more steady and equal level standard. And have to emphasize that, 300 tons of precision embossing machine is equal to traditional of 1000 tons, even 1500 tons for deep animal skins patterns in size of 1370x1000mm/660mm, for cow leather, goat leather. If you have smaller size, or easier leather such as cow leather, we have other 250 tons, 200 tons, for choice.

Even more, for economicly, small to 750x600mm, 600x500mm, we have the 180 tons and 120 tons embossing machine, which is most popular to leather bags, shoes production. They are in very good price. 

Different embossing machine models introduction:

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