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EPE foam sheet stacking cutting machine

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EPE foam sheet stacking cutting machine


 EPE foam sheet stacking cutting machine is suitable for cutting EPE foam, PE foam, EVA foam, and other sheet materials. The machine can stack multiple materials at the same time to save labor and time, and improve work efficiency by 2-3 times.

Model HG-B60T
Color Blue or customized
Suitable for material foam sheet
warranty period Guangdong,China
Machine type Hydraulic cutting machine

Machine Detail

Feature & advantage

1. machine is controlled by PLC(Programmable Logic Controller), with touching the screen, to set and micro-adjust working pressure, cutting depth, feeding speed easier, faster, and more precise.

2. It can stack multiple sheets at the same time, without repeated feeding, which saves labor and time.

3. Powered by hydraulic system, more accurate and error-free.

Working show