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EPE foam Cutting&Removing One Machine

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EPE foam Cutting&Removing One Machine


Honggang Cutting-Removing One Machine

1. Special mould . Mould expensive. Simple mould  800 USD per set. Size large price higher, so suitable for order of high quantity. 

2. Size 600x900mm standard.
3. Can with cutting tooth knife to cut off, together with removing punching tooth knife.
4. Hydraulic power around 5 tons.
5. Power 3.7KW
6. Only suitable for some products. 
7. Dimension 2800x1200x2000mm. 
8. Weight 1200KG
9. Cutting clean, no deformation for thick foam.
10. Thickness 100mm.
12. Mould price 9700 USD FOB Guangzhou LCL
13. Above price not including the mould yet, mould price to offer and customized based drawings.