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Common Fault for Embossing Machine
 Common fault


1. When press the “Up” button,  tank  cannot go up.

1)Relief valve spring is all loose state; sliding main spool relief not flexible or damping clogged the main spool, so that relief cannot be completely closed, at very low pressure began to overflow.

2) Because the circuit reasons, the solenoid valve is not energized; or the solenoid valve core plug, if the latter should be removed for cleaning.

3) Motor rotates in the wrong direction.


2. Cylinders remain in the top, do not fall down

1) Circuit causes the solenoid valve is not energized.

2) Solenoid valve spool blockage or valve spring failure and should be clear after the replacement.


3. Pressure falters

1) Ring damage the fuel tank so that the fuel tank leak or spill, you can replace the seals.

2) Serious leakage in the system.


4. Crawling, vibration and noise

1) Fuel tank level is too low, or the suction pipe not sealed, or filter surface covered with too much dust and impurities, resulting in the intake air.

2) Pressure relief valve set too high, the load exceeds the motor power, motor overload.

3) Pump damage.

4) Between the cylinder and the cylinder piston within a large ring damages,  or severe scratches on plunger surface, are likely to produce creeping phenomenon, should replace the seals, repair scratches.


5.Fill valve.

Fill valve spring is too loose, the cylinder will produce crawling during ascent, vibration, pressure rises slowly and so on; as too tight to cause the fill valve has been unable to change direction, the work pressure is less than rated load.

(If after checking the above items cannot solve the problem, please consult via