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Clamshell Cutting Creasing Die

Model:HG-cutting die
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Clamshell Cutting Creasing Die


Clamshell Cutting Creasing Die

Blister cutting creasing die also named cutting tool, cutting molds, tooling...
can not only cutting the blister products, but also can creasing or folding them to clamshell blisters, while the machine is set a heating plate.

Our blister cutting machines are divided into 5 kinds:
1)manual type: 30-60 tons, 610x1220mm
double/single side automatic type:  50-200 tons, 810x1400mm
cutting+auto stacking type: 100-200 tons, 810x1400mm
Cutting + heating creasing machine: 30-60 tons, 610x1220mm
Blister food container production line.

Clamshell cutting creasing die