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Beam Shoe Leather Clicker Press

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Beam Shoe Leather Clicker Press


Beam Shoe Leather Clicker Press

  Beam Shoe Leather Clicker Press is used for cutting materials into shapes using in shoes: leather materials such as tanning leather or synthetic leather, fabric lining, fabric shoe upper, shoe insole for shoes making. As a basic shoe-making equipemnt, clicker press is neccesary to every shoe making factory.

 HG as a hydraulic leather clicker press manufacturer in China, focuses on beam clicker press, which is designed with full fixed head, or receding head, and auto-balance structure of four columns, double cylinders. When working, the structure with self-balance rod will keep the steady and precision of cutting.

 Not like swing arm leather clicker press and travel head clicker press, beam clicker press is suitable for large hide leather sheet, or rolled materials with roller, as well for a few cutting die nesting together to cut one time to save materials and time.
1) Auto counting function
2) Large cutting area to 558x1600mm, 610x1600mm
3) Large cutting force to 25 tons, 30 tons, 40 tons
4) Cutting depth, cutting forces easy to adjust.
5) Press buttons to cut, double-hand working for safety
6) Easy to set the cutting stroke 50-160mm
7) Multi-layer material cutting is available

Leather Shoe Beam Clicker Press

 Leather Clicker Press