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Available Parts to Choose
 As the specialist for over 20 years, our factory as a manufacturer helps to solve problems from our customers by developing useful and new devices or supplying other products.

Microinching device.
It's a great device in the cutting process. This microinching device can adjust the cutting board or cutting die fixed to the beam in very little position to avoid the cutting marks going deep. It's pretty convenient during the working process.

Polythene Cutting Board
We supply kinds of cutting board. Cutting board is to protect the cutting die from ruins as the cutting die is sharp. Cutting boards are made from wooden board, polythene board, as well metal board. Metal board is hard and doesnt produce the framents after cutting. So it's a neccesary choice for cutting saftety foam or blister.

3. Protective guard and red line guard
Not every country request for the safety guard,but our machine has its own shield anyway. but for the
receding head press, the guard is neccesary.Please tell us if your machine needs them.

Cutting die or embossing dies
As the cutting press widely used in different industries and materials, we also supply different of cutting dies, steel rule, laser cutting dies, forge dies... Specially, we are the best and biggest manufacturer for
leather embossing machine, we supply embossing plates of aluminum, steel, copper as well as the biggiest supplier.