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Automatic heating cutting machine for automotive interior

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Automatic heating cutting machine for automotive interior


Fast Reference:

1. Precision PLC controlled 4 column hydraulic die cutting machine 200 tons,                                 

2.Two tables with in-feeding and out-feeding belt with clip, size 1800x960mm                                

3. Die fixed tool of With Pneumatic fast and automatic,  for any size of dies                                  

4. Heating board on top, size 1800x960mm, with 3 parts temperature controlled area.              

5. Heating board at the bottom, size 1800x960mm, with 3 parts temperature controlled area.

6. Unwinder with motor controlled.                                                               

7. Rewinder with motor controlled.                                             

8. Safety guards for both sides.                                                              

9. With 4 mechanical stoppers (by servo)                                                              

Heating Controlling Panel:

With such excellent temperature controlling panel, Double sides belt clip feeding, one side with unwinder to auto feed the materials as rolls into the cutitng area; after finished cutting, by another rewinder to collect the wasting, and worker can pick up by side of the machine for the cutting pieces. 

It's automaticly for the whole production. Meanwhile 200 tons or 300 tons pressure, and top and bottom heating board ensures the cutting quality.

Automatic hydraulic heating cutting machine for automotive interior is improved by our 
engineer. It can be applied to the automotive interior industry, sports goods industry, such as car pillows, schoolbag shoulder straps, etc.

More Details: 

Main Mechanical Parameters
Working pressure 200 tons/300 tons
Stroke 180mm, max open 200mm, min open 20mm.
Motor 11 kw
Cutting area 1800x960mm
Fast speed down 100mm/s
Slow speed down 35mm/s
Main machine structure precision four-column automatic balance link mechanism to ensure that the cutting area within the depth of the cut.
Cutting method two-stage cut, from the cutting distance 10mm before the automatic slow, to ensure that multi-layer material.
Cutting area dynamic punching Repeat accuracy ± 0.05mm
cutting balance accuracy ± 0.1mm
Machine body Steel plate welding structure, precision machining
Machine size (length X width X height):  L48000xW3000xH1900 (including discharge rack and electrical box, to prevail)
Column diameter:  ¢ 200mm quenched and tempered high-frequency hardened, chrome-plated surface
Cutting die fixed tool One set of automatic clamping device, four clamping cylinders SC40, four adjustment drive motors
Feeding System
Feeding Method Belt feeding, double roller drive,  Accuracy: ± 0.5mm Feeding Speed: 0-1000mm / s
Feeding Servo motors 130-SD-05025-E (S) 1.3KW Quantity: 1 Brand:AIWEITU
Speed Reducer RV075
Belt feeding table size  1800x960mm
Shield Guard   Steel guard around feeding belts
Electrical parameters 
Electric box customization Honggang standard
PLC FBs-24MCT Quantity: 1 set Brand: Taiwan FATEK
Touch Screen Model: 7 inch color screen number: 1 set Brand: Taiwan Yonghong product counting function, can save 200 equipment abnormal record information
Servo drive (wiring 5 meters):    W-H13BT3 Quantity: 2 sets Brand: AIWEITU
Voltage   220V 60HZ 3 phases
Power supply   11 KW, heating 24kw.
Operation method    Manual; Automatic
Hydraulic System
Main motor   YE2-160M-4-11KW B5 1460R/M 1 set Brand: Jiangcheng
 Pump   L2F55R2P3 1 row Displacement: 55ml / r
Main hydraulic parts   Logic valve , Brand: TAIWAN Jeougang
Other Parts
Inverter Mitsubishi Oil pump contactor   Schneider Power supply   
Encoder Omron Oil pump thermal overload relay   Schneider Buttons  
Transformer Dong Yi Bai Relay   IDEC Japan Photoelectric Switch