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After 10 years using, HG machine looks like this...
     In the summer of about 10 years ago in 2005, a man called Yao after two years built his hydraulic cutting machine factory in Foshan city, went out to look for his target customers, by motor-bike. The sun is hot as usual.
    Yao came into a factory of manufacturing Leather Bags. This factory, also, began its business for one year. Yao finally got a chance to meet the boss. After a hot discussion, the boss placed an order of HG-A30T/63" to try. Then during the next  1 year, the leather bags factory purchased 7 sets of same die cutting press. And, Yao said, this is the first biggest customer for his new factory.

   Now yesterday on 24th, Sep, 2015, the factory asked our engineer to do usual maintenance. Our engineer Eighteen took the picturs. And I,  Tina, post the pictures here---The pictures of machines produced 10 years ago.

 They are still working:


Working area: 1600x910mm
Working pressure: 30 tons
Usage: die cutting leather and fabric, PVC,PU for leather bags, shoes, cases, purses, garments...