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HG-E180T Bags Leather Embossing Machine

Model:HG-E180T, 750x600mm
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HG-E180T Bags Leather Embossing Machine


180 tons Shoe Upper Leather Embossing Machine

This is a production-video of our customers after buying the machine:

 Shoe Upper Leather Embossing Machine is specially embossing plating press for leather materials of genuine leather and synthetic leather. We as the biggest and best embossing machine manufacturer China can offer the hydraulic embossing machine working force ranging from 45 tons to 220 tons or as request customized.

Simple working Steps:
1.past or screw the embossing dies to the plate board, if embossing dies smaller that the board, please confirm the it's put on the center.

2.Press button to feed in.

3.Heating embossing.

4.Feeding table out automaticly after the heating reaches the time.

shoe leather embossing machine


1.Highly versatile system for plating, printing, punching, embossing leather and manmade materials.

2.They can customize and characterize components and accessories for  shoes, leather goods, clothing .

3.Decorations, drawings, embossing, brand names, punches and colour transfer.

4.Embossing by heater.

5.The cutting power can be up to 180 tons and the available surface up to 900 x 600 mm.

leather alligator pattern leather embossing machine 

Main advantages:

1)feeding system is automatic,and Easy to Operate.

2)Thanks to Working Speed adjustable, resultin in High Productivity

3)Widely used in leather industries,Suitable for different Leather goods.

Embossed sample and mould:
180 tons Shoe Upper Leather Embossing Machine