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#1 Embossing Machine& Plates for Leather shoes,bags,furniture,tannery, car interior
 Honggang factory focuses on hydraulic cutting press machine since 2003, including cutting press and heat embossing press for leather as the main products. There are already list of machine details and embossing plates details on this website of this embossing page,  you can understand what is leather embossing machine first. 

Today we are going to share more details and combine more information together for the Hydraulic leather embossing machine and the embossing dies for your understand, then to make a choice easily to buy a leather embossing machine.

Model HG-E120T HG-E180T HG-E40T HG-E80T HG-E120T/M HG-B series HG-A2 CNC Punching HG-E220T HG-E120T/A
Area 600x500mm 750x600mm 300x300mm 380x380mm 700x600mm At least 1220x610mm 600x500mm/x2 700x600mm 1600mm length
Heating  Top Top Top&bottom Top&bottom Top&bottom Top or/& bottom NO heating top&bottom top
Function Embossing Embossing emboss,cut, punch emboss,cut, punch emboss,cut, punch emboss,cut, punch Punch/perforating emboss,cut, punch embossing
Feeding Auto  Auto Manual Manual No  Auto No no auto
Application Leathe bags, leather books leather bags, totes shoes, small bags shoes, small bags shoes, bags,  Fabric, Fabric leather, car interiors, furniture leather shoes, bags, furnithure, Automotive interior Fabric, Fabric leather, car interiors, furniture leather belt

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2. leather embossing plates please click to reach.)

1. Leather embossing machine.
Model:HG-E120T, 600x500mm; HG-E180T, 750x600mm.
Application: mostly for leather bags/hand bags/Lady bags/Men bags embossing.
With only top heating boards, and auto feeding table, as well the plate fixed movable board to make the embossing plate easy to fix, as well easy to take down. It is no need to screw, but only by hot melted glue to fix. 
Leather embossing machine HG-E120T 600x500mm

Model:HG-E40T, 300x300mm;Hg-E80T, 380x380mm;Hg-E120T/M, 700x600mm.
Application: Mostly for leather shoes/ scandals/Lady shoes/men shoes upper leather embossing.
Different to E120T and E180T embosser, these models are with top and bottom heating boards for embossing. So the embossing press machine can do top and bottom mould hot embossing embossing. Also with long stroke, it allows to putting the THICK steel metal engraving mould and punching mould, including to put the PP board on top.
  industial Leather embossing machine

Model: HG-A30T, 40T, 50T, 60T, 80T, 100T, 120T,  1600x610mm; HG-E220T, 700x600mm
Application: Fabric, Fabric leather, car interiors, furniture.
With large area, the embossing press machine with over 9 districts heating controlled unit. or bigger embossing pressure, it allows large size materials embossing for large products. 
Fabric leather embossing machine

Model: HG-E120T/A, 1600x70mm.
Application: leather belt, car steeringwheel cover,  foam PU leather embossing.
Specially for belt embossing.
Leather belt embossing machine

Model: HG-A2 CNC Leather punching machine
Application: Leather Punching or perforating only! Without Embossing or Cutting!
For leather shoes, bags, automotive interiors punching holes.
Holes size: 0.8-12mm, leather thickness 1-6mm.
Speed: 800 strokes/min
Leather punching machine

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