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[Solutions+Videos] 5 solutions for Packing Foam/EPE Cutting
1. Fully automatic die cutting machine for thin EPE foam, till 1mm.
Pressure: 100 tons, 80tons,
Area: 1600x810mm.
Layers: 4-20 layers one time cutting.

2.Fully auto continously feeding for EPE foam Thick sheets, also with auto pushing tools.
Pressure: 100 tons, 80 tons, 60 tons.
Area: 1400x810mm.
Usages: egg trays, electric packing, fruits packing, EVA slipper, Cleaning Sponge and so on.

3. Double sides hydraulic die cutting press for foam sheets, thickness till 60mm.
Pressure: 50 tons, 60 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons, till 200 tons.
Area: 1400x810mm, 1600x810mm, or 2170x970mm, 
Usages: Car interior foam, packing foam, foam with sticker.

4. Hydraulic cutting machine with roller feeding, and belt out feeding.
Pressure: 60 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons, 120 tons till 200 tons.
Area: 1400x810mm, 1400x710mm, 1600x810mm or customized.

Compare to fully automatic feeding for thin 1mm materials, this type though also fully auto feeding and cutting, but it is cheaper and used for thicker than 2mm materials, as the cutting pieces will be pushed out to the cutting area by materials feeding. While 1mm materials will fly and can not come out by feeding, only by belt to convey.

5.Manual type hydraulic cutting press, for small cutting dies, foam sheets, also multi-layer hand feeding. 
Pressure:30 tons,40 tons, 50 tons, 60 tons.
Area: 1220x610mm.1600x610mm

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